The North Norfolk Coast

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North Norfolk coast

North Norfolk's coast can only readily be accessed by road.

There are rail links, but they only touch the periphery of the area

Road access is better All routes converge on King's Lynn (and thence diverge to Yarmouth/Lowestoft as well as North Norfolk). Roads around King's Lynn can be very congested, and beyond are slow. Allow good time for your journey if you are used to motorway travel!

Road Routes
What can be offered is a selection of routes. Apart from the A10, A47 and A17 mentioned above, the A15, A16 and A52 all converge from different parts of the country. It is beyond the scope of this site to offer detailed routes from every town and city. The A10 offers far too meny convergeences, and you are advised to get to Kings Lynn. The follwoing starting points are offered
A15. Hull
A16 Stamford
A17 Newark
A 47 (intersection with A43
A52 Grantham
For an outline route to the start of one of the above finf your nearest centre in the list

Kings Lynn to Brancaster--Burnham Market--Blakeney
From Brancaster to Sherinham Park (via Burnham Market and Wells)
From Sheringham to Mundesley
From Wells-next-the Sea to Fakenham (via Little Wlsingham)

Within the area there is a fairly good bus service, For getting about on the coast by bus, a good service is the Coast Hopper. (get latset timetable)
Most people come by road. For those not used to North Norfolk, the roads are narrow and twisting. Take good care! Even the main coast road (the A149) is no better than many country roads and much busier. Some villages have such narrow roads that two vehicles can scarcely pass. In villages suich as Stiffkey DO OBEY THE 20mph LIMIT.

ROADWORKS in North Norfolk

There are the odd rail links. There is a reconstructed light railway bewteen Wells and Walsingham

Like much else in this area you seem to go into a generational time-warp. But that is one of the charms of North Norfolk's coast.